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Commercial Services

The “Intelligent” Building of the Future is dependent upon the performance of its cabling system for survival. Different groups, departments, and users have different networking needs. Employees must be connected to each other and the outside world to remain competitive in today’s fast pace business environment. Increasing bandwidth demands are being generated by an ever increasing variety of workplace applications – including video Wozcom Inc - Commercial Fiber Optics imageconferencing, internet communications and software packages.

A prerequisite to a successful network installation is planning and design. Starting with a needs analysis and site survey, a successful design will address both current and future requirements. The result will be a detailed plan documenting the design and specifying the most appropriate products. Once your network has been planned, Wozcom is the only partner you need for installing, servicing, and maintaining its physical infrastructure

Wozcom is a complete resource for the design and implementation of your communications network. Digital Pictures, Graphical Printouts and Electronic Test Results are some of the added features that our customers receive. Each cable installed will be labeled, certified and tested to meet industry standards. Specializing in Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a, & Cat 7 installation, single-mode multi-mode fiber, wireless, satellite solutions, and much more..

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Sunnyvale, California
Office: 408-989-2424
Fax: 408-739-6072

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Wozcom is a member of the Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) and is registered / licensed with the California State License Board (CLSB).

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